ORDVIT - Data Visualisation for IT (DV4IT)

Data Visualisation for IT (DV4IT)

As the scale of IT systems and services have grown, the data describing IT systems, such as CMDB, DB access logs, transformation plans,.. provides a significant challenge. At ORDVIT we have constructued multiple approaches to understanding the data required to support IT (service) design, deployment, improvement, and transformation. Examples of our work include:
  1. Data base access patterns;
  2. Service interactions patterns
  3. Server interactions
  4. virtual reality view of server interactions - best in chrome dev, with Google cardboard.
  5. Data Centre optimisation/transformation issues as games
  6. Service contracting comprehension
  7. VR view of complex project
  8. Project view as 3D printable

Industries data analysed: Telco, Financial, Health, Energy, Supply Chain, Military, Retail,...
If you'd like your business's complex IT issues resolved with this clarity please contact sales@ordvit.co.uk
Model of server replacement in a DC - click to go to model.