Farmer Bacon has a valuable herd of telepathic goats - which is why they are very valuable. Telepathic goats are very proud of their coats, and very jealous of their friends get more attention paid to their coats by farmer Bacon's groomers. Groomer's get annoyed when you change the grooming level - so you must try and keep the number of changes to a minimum...if you use too many they may quit, or refuse any more changes.

By clicking on a goat you can change the quality of grooming that a goat recieves - between 4 different levels. When all of the goats that are friends have the same quality of grooming as the lead goat in the group - denoted with a red boundary, then all of those goats are happy - yeah!

Can you make all of farmer Bacon's goats happy?

UnHappy Goats Changes used