Farmer Bacon's telepathic goat farm

Farmer Bacon's telepathic goat farm

Farmer Bacon has a fine collection of telepathic goats , and I've worked as his goat wrangler for the last few years. As humans find it difficult to see the communication between goats - it is telepathic! Wrangling telepathic goats can be a considerable challenge, so I've developed visualisations and games to help me understand the problems of these fine beasts.

The goat migration problem

How do we move the goats to new pastures when the current one does work any more? Move

Goat upgrading

As the goats get old they yield less fur for greater cost, but they have more friends so are more costly to upgrade. How can we optimise farmer Bacon's flock? Upgrading

Goat grooming

Goats don't like to see their friends get better grooming, but some need real care. How do we minimize farmer Bacon's grooming costs? Grooming

Little Goat, Big Yak

Goats are going out of fashion, but the replacement Yak needs a lot of resources, and if they don't get them they die. Can we stop farmer Bacon wasting money on yaks his pasture can't support? Yakification

Goat Art

What do the patterns of goat communication look like Art