Farmer Bacon has a valuable herd of telepathic teleporting goats - which is why they are very valuable. Unfortunately, their current pasture has become poor and very expensive for farmer Bacon to maintain. So he has hired you to move his goats to a new pasture for fixed price. The problem is that the more goats you move at any turn, the more they cost to move as they are pretty difficult to round up and pen before they are moved.

And the thing with telepathic goats is that they have friends! If they are moved without all of their friends they get very upset and teleport back to the pasture they came from and then have to be moved again.

You can select/unselect goats to move by clicking on them, and then move the group with the move, but if you don't have all of a group then they will teleport back again. So can you move the goats and make a profit?

Costs 300! adds 5 Goats
Budget left 100 Cost of Move 0