Farmer Bacon has a valuable herd of telepathic goats - which is why they are very valuable. Sadly as the goats get old they need to be replaced to maintain the productivity of the flock. Unfortunately for farmer Bacon he only has a limited budget for new goats, so needs to spend it wisely. Goats are friendly creature and replacing goats with lots of friends is VERY costly, so you have to choose the goats wisely to maintain farmer Bacon's productivity.

If you 'mouse over' a goat you will find out how much it costs to replace. Goats with green borders are in budget, red borders are out of budget. You can select a number of goats up to your budget and then 'upgrade' them. Goats with dark red backgrounds are the least productive, but can be expensive to upgrade, yellow goats are medium productive, and dark green are the most productive.

Can you maintain the productivity of farmer Bacon's goats?

Goat age profile:
Productivity Budget Left
Young Old