ORDVIT Geographic Analysis

ORDVIT Geographic Analysis

The Iron Acton Proms and Mash

Each year, on succesive nights, Iron Acton holds a last night of the proms concert and a 'Mash' (where Rock and/or roll) can be played. The concerts have a largely local (South Gloucestershire) audience, but an interesting question is were are the tickets sold. Equally who, well what demographics are represented, are the customers for the events?
  1. 2015 map of ticket sales
  2. 2016 map of ticket sales
  3. 2015 locations of sales as zoomable tree
  4. 2016 locations of sales as zoomable tree

Given we have demographics, can we look for under-represented areas with similar demographics,

  1. 2015 Demographics of sales as tree
  2. 2016 Demographics of sales as tree

and more importantly, as Acton Aid advertises with road side banners, what roads are they likely to drive down? To achieve this our data tells us the high level postcodes where Proms sells tickets. For those we can find actual postcodes with matching demographics with no ticket sales. We sample those postcodes and weight by the number of similar postcodes, estimating the likely travel destination we then weight by destination, and gather the road segment use weights to estimate the top 50 road segments used by potential customers

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